Hobart 4822 Grinder Attachments D-119760-1 COMPLETE WITH Stainless Steel Auger

Hobart_4822_Grinder_Attachments_D_119760_1_COMPLETE_WITH_Stainless_Steel_Auger_01_oycr Grinder Attachments for Hobart 4822 D-119760-1 COMPLETE WITH. Hobart 4822 Tinned Meat Grinder Attachment. D-119760-1 Meat Receiving Pan & Stomper Tinned #22 Cylinder-Ring- Auger is OEM Stainless Steel Quality Can Accept all Popular Knives & Plates Two Hi Quality Stainless Knives. Hi Quality 3/8″ First Grind & 3/16″ Second Grind Stainless Steel Grinder Plates. Look […] Continue reading →

#22 Stainless Steel Grinder Hub For Hobart Mixer

22_Stainless_Steel_Grinder_Hub_For_Hobart_Mixer_01_hib #22 STAINLESS STEEL GRINDER HUB FOR HOBART MIXER. #22 STAINLESS STEEL GRINDER HUB ATTACHMENT FOR HOBART MIXER (THIS IS AN ATTACHMENT TO FIT ON A HOBART MIXER) Stainless Steel meat grinder hub for commercial use, designed to fit a standard 22 hub. Compatible with many mixer models. INCLUDES: – Stainless Steel Pan – 3/16 plate […] Continue reading →